Independent House Inspection Reports by a Registered Building Inspector.

In an unregulated sector, not all building inspectors or pre-purchase reports are created equal.  At House Inspections Ltd, our inspector is a BOINZ Accredited Building Surveyor, which lets you know that the person inspecting your potential investment is an industry-assessed expert, reports in accordance with the New Zealand Standard for Property Inspections, and carries professional indemnity insurance. He is also a qualified builder with practical knowledge gained over 18 years in the construction industry.  He has been committed to doing professional building inspections exclusively and full time for eight years, and has carried out thousands of inspections for home buyers all over Auckland.

At House Inspections Ltd we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of service to home buyers, by providing:

  • a fast and friendly service;
  • a thorough, written building inspection (not a simple tick box report);
  • a detailed and unbiased same-day building report that clearly identifies issues that need to be attended to, as well as ongoing maintenance requirements;
  • after hours availability to talk through any questions you might have.

Once clients have received their report and talked through any questions, they can determine if they are happy to proceed with the property purchase given the condition the building is in. In many cases buyers can then request that any issues be rectified by the current owner, or even re-negotiate the purchase price once aware of additional expenses that would be incurred once they own the property.


We provide comprehensive, fully written reports – no tick boxes.


We provide a same day service – you will receive your report the same day as the inspection.


Our clients appreciate our prompt and friendly service, and we are available after hours.


At House Inspections Ltd, we aim to help take the stress out of buying a house by providing comprehensive, easy to read builder’s reports with a same day service. We know that time is of the essence in a competitive property market, so we GUARANTEE that you will have the full written builders report emailed to you on the same day as the property inspection – and our Building Surveyor will be available to discuss the report with you anytime, even after-hours.    Learn what will be covered in your builder’s report


  • Is the house inspector a builder?

    Our inspector is a trade qualified builder with 18 years’ practical experience.

  • Does the inspector do inspections full time or it is a side line?

    Our inspector is full-time dedicated to pre-purchase building inspections and has carried out thousands of inspections over the last eight years.

  • Will the inspector explain the report to me?

    You are welcome to contact our inspector with any questions you have about your report – even after hours.