Our building inspector, John Dedden, prides himself on his unbiased, independent property inspection services – we work for YOU, the home buyer. At House Inspections Ltd, our home inspection service is carried out by an experienced, trade qualified builder who is trustworthy and approachable; and as an Accredited Building Surveyor (AMBOINZ) with over 3,000 property inspections under his belt, he is qualified to provide you with the information required when buying a home.

John was a self-employed builder for a number of years, and has also supervised several construction projects both in New Zealand and in the UK.  Having built homes from scratch, he was regularly asked to inspect houses for family, friends and friends-of-friends looking to buy. Helping people find a sound and stable investment and making them aware of any hidden issues eventually became his full-time focus, taking over House Inspections Ltd in 2009 after 18 years in the construction industry.  John has since delivered comprehensive pre-purchase property inspection services to more than 3,000 customers.


We provide comprehensive, fully written reports – no tick boxes.


We provide a same day service – you will receive your report the same day as the inspection.


Our clients appreciate our prompt and friendly service, and we are available after hours.


At House Inspections Ltd, we aim to help take the stress out of buying a house by providing comprehensive, easy to read builder’s reports with a same day service. We know that time is of the essence in a competitive property market, so we GUARANTEE that you will have the full written builders report emailed to you on the same day as the property inspection – and our Building Surveyor will be available to discuss the report with you anytime, even after-hours.    Learn what will be covered in your builder’s report


  • Is your inspector registered?

    Yes. Our building inspections are carried out by an experienced, qualified builder who is an Accredited Building Surveyor with the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ).  He has thousands of inspections under his belt, and he does house inspections for buyers exclusively / full time.

  • Do you follow the NZ Standard for Property Inspections?

    Yes. It is important to note that compliance of the NZ Standard for Property Inspections is not mandatory, and some inspectors may not be able to meet the competency and reporting level requirements of the standard. As a BOINZ Accredited Building Surveyor, our inspector is accredited to the Standard and required to carry out inspections in accordance with this, so you can be assured that the property inspection and report are thorough and comprehensive.

  • Do you carry Professional Indemnity Insurance?

    Yes, we are insured to $1 million. Up-to-date professional indemnity insurance is one of the requirements of the New Zealand Standard for Property Inspections which our building inspector works in accordance with as a BOINZ Accredited Building Surveyor.